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Ta'leem Ul-Qur'an Tafseer تعلیم القرآن تفسیر

An In-Depth course taking you to the depths of the Knowledge and The Way Of Life portrayed in the Qur'an. With Extensive focus on understanding the Meaning of The Qur'an along with its Tafseer and act upon it.

Sahih Bukhari
Tafseer Surah ale Imran تفسیر سورۃ ال عمران
Tadween-e-Hadith تدوین حدیث

Tadween e Hadith course teaches the various ways in which the Hadiths were learnt and complied by the Sahaba.

Daura-e-Qur'an 2014

A 30-day course during the blessed month of Ramadhan for completion of all the thirty Parahs of the Qur'an along with their meaning and In-Depth explanation.

Assorted Lectures By Fouzia Bint e Mahmood

This series of lectures deals with Islam and our day-to-day lives. from Hajj to Raising of Children and from seeking of Forgiveness to The Importance of Sunnah.

Taharah Course طہارت

A brief series of lessons on cleanliness.

Seera Tun Nabi سیرۃ نبی

Learn about the Life of the prophet.

Quranic Gems
Namaz ke Masael نماز کے مسائل

Detailed study of the different issues related to Salah through the book by Iqbal Kailani

Shariah course شریعت
Uloom-ul-Quran علوم القرآن

Quranic Sciences

Surah Baqarah Special Course سورہ بقرہ

In depth Tafseer of Surah Baqarah

Qasas ul Quran قصص القرآن

Study of the various stories mentioned in the Quran

Alamat e Qiyamat

Signs of the Day of Judgement

Hadith Ki Ahmiyat aur zaroorat حدیث کی اہمیت اور ضرورت

On the Importance and need for Ahadith

Tafseer Surat Al Nisa - Special course 2021
Aqeedah - e - Wasatiyah
Tadabbar e Quran | 2023 Ramadan
Taleem ul Fiqh
New Lectures 2023

New Lectures that were completed in the second half of 2022 and in 2023