Our Mission

Education through Qur'an and Sunnah. For achieving these objectives, this Association undertakes various activities in the fields of knowledge, education and training, mass communication and social welfare.

Our Vision

A peaceful, just and tolerant society based on true Islamic principles and practices.

About Us

Fahm-e-Qur'an Institute is a non-government, non-profit, non-political & non-sectarian Islamic Educational Society. We believe that Islam is a way of life that offers tangible solutions to real life issues. It is accessible for all - transcending age, gender, socio-economic backgrounds and geographical boundaries.

This institute has been established with a view to fulfill the growing desire of Muslim women and girls in and around Akola to understand the meaning of Qur'an, the purpose of its revelation and grasp it spirit.

The establishment of Fahm-e-Quran Institute fulfils one of the cherished objectives of Dar-e-Arqam Welfare Association, which since its inception in 2009 has been active in promoting its following objectives:

  • To promote purely Islamic values and thinking on sound knowledge, free from all kinds of biases and sectarianism
  • To plan and work for the welfare of the deprived classes (i.e. the needy, and calamity-stricken people) of the society.

Its activities are managed by a board of Directors and its accounts are annually audited. Donations given to this Association are exempted from taxes.

  • Insha Allah Facilities will be available include a library
  • Other than regular students, women from all walks of life can come as 'listeners'.

Construction Of A Complex for the Institute

In order to cater growing number of students, the construction of an Institute complex at Akola, Maharashtra, India is in its final stages Al Hamdulillah. This complex will include an auditorium, class rooms, a Prayer Hall for Ladies, a Research Library, Multi-Media section, IT and Publications departments, an administration office.

The expansion of the institute's branches in other cities has also been planned. Your prayers and financial support will help us in our development, Insha-Allah. To make these services more effective, your suggestions are always welcome.